Thursday, 29 August 2013



This is just a poem I found online that i really wanted to share. Hope you like it as much as I did

by: Kassandre Renee

across the wall dances her shadow...never letting her dreams go
watching closely her silhouette...refusing to forget
though her spirits slowly falling...
because they'll never understand her hearts true calling
they tell her what to do...and she tries move on
but her desires are never really gone
why do they refuse
to let her pursue
her dreams
everynight, she cries
cause theyve torn and ripped
at her happiness
and far away she starts to slip
she just wants to fade
to a place
a place where permission is not needed to let her body go
where not just her silhouette is a dancer
but she is as well
somewhere she can be
free to move
to move as she may please
she wants a chance,
she wants a shot at freedom
freedom to dance,
freedom for more than just her heart, her soul,
her silhouette,
to move

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