Friday, 16 August 2013

No Sokkie for me :(

Some of our members in my dance society are going out on a celebratory sokkie outing tonight. I was also quite keen on going until I realised the amount of work I need to get through this week. I feel so lame not going :'(.  At least I'll get to start my business ethics essay though which is due in 2 days. I left it quite late as it is already.

Some of you might not know what a sokkie is so I'll just explain it a bit. Sokkie is a dance uniquie to Southern Africa and mostly popular with Afrikaners. 'Sokkie' means sock in Afrikaans and refers to the way young people often dance in their socks and also barefoot. Sokkie is often danced to Afrikaans music, though not restricted to it,

This(Sokkie)  is the only good video I could find of a sokkie unfortunately, but it is a good one though.

I hope my friends are having an awesome time sokkieng up a storm :)

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