Thursday, 8 August 2013

Snowie Dance Blog: First Official post

Until recently, blogging is something I never actually saw myself doing. I love reading what other people have to say about things and I really enjoy looking at all the amazing pictures and videos that people put up. However, I've never really thought much about contributing to the blogging society by creating my own blog. Things have changed though, and I find myself looking forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas.

There are many things that I could blog about but as the name of the blog suggests, I'll mainly be blogging about dance. I think that anyone who dances will agree with me when I say that few things can make you as happy and free as dance makes does.

I'm currently an intermediate ballroom and latin dancer with a stronger preference for latin. Though I am taking classes in ballroom & latin, I enjoy learning about other types of dances as well. I can't move like a contemporary or ballet dancer, but I can appreciate the beauty of those dances. However, I prefer to learn dances that are more social and just watch other forms of dance.

When I was thinking about the content of my first post,I thought that I'd be writing about how excited I am about the ballroom and Latin competition taking place in Port Elizabeth this weekend. The competition is between various Universities in South Africa and is held every year. The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) will be hosting the competition this year. Instead of being hyper and excited though, I am lying in bed trying to recover from a flu that decided to hit me a day before intervarsity.What is worse is the fact that I am leaving tonight. I'm pretty sure that I'll be feeling worse in a day and not better. that Does the Universe hate me or what? Sigh

But alas, one cannot linger on the challenges that occur before a competition. It is either I get better or suffer through the competition. Either way, the show must go on. I just hope that I don't get anyone sick though :(.

I am feeling excited though, especially because I had so much fun when I competed as a beginner. The pictures below show a bit of that dancing experience.

Just a little bit of info about myself though:

I am Sinovuyo Rodolo and I'm a full-time Business Science (Marketing) student at the University of Cape Town(UCT). I love dancing (Obviously). I am a huge fan of salsa and sokkie , though I never have enough time to do either :(. I love watching a range of dances whether it's ballet, hip hop or contemporary. Every dance is beautiful in its own special way. I'm part of the UCT Ballroom and Latin dance society ( and I love every minute of it. I love converse shoes (obsessed), Harry Potter and coffee.

I will be posting anything dance related that I'm interested in, though the blog will mostly focus on Ballroom and Latin, because that is what I'm involved in at the moment.

 "Dance isn't just dance, it's magical. Something that sets you free"


  1. wwooooow Snowie, i think i have told u once that you looking happy in dance....keep doing your thing...Much love

    1. Thank you :) i really do love it <31 Though you commented as anonymous so I don't know who you are :(


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